Avocado season in Childers runs from March to July.  There are limited places available and they usually fill up weeks in advance. Please fill in the work application form, decide when you can arrive and call to see if there are places left.

Picking avocadoes usually offers stable work usually 5 days a week, 7.00 - 3.30pm for the season.  The cooler Autumn and Winter temperatures and long season make it a popular job to qualify for the Second Year Working Holiday Visa. 

Avocadoes are picked from the ground or a cherry picker; you need a drivers license to operate a cherry picker, and not be afraid of heights.

All of our farms pay an hourly rate so you  earn good money and jobs are highly sought after.  We expect you to work hard and respect the hostel and our rules.
We encourage you to use your own transport to get to work and car pool with others. That way there is no extra cost if you have a car, or you just contribute to petrol if you are getting a ride with someone.  We provide some transport charged at a daily rate - if you don't work you don't pay for transport.

Clothing and equipment:

  • Minimum 3 sets of work clothes
  • Tshirt or shirt
  • Shorts or long pants
  • Closed shoes/boots (flip flops or sandals are not suitable)
  • A wide brim hat (or at least a cap)
  • Gloves (for some jobs, may be supplied by farmer)
  • Sunscreen
  • Water bottles – 3 litres 
  • To take your own healthy lunch and snacks in your own cooler bag


We start taking applications for Avocado season mid February.  Please complete the Work Enquiry Form below and email it to info@childersecolodge.com.au.  Please ready the Working Information page for more about working and staying with us.

Places are highly competitive and people who arrive at the hostel first are first in line for the jobs.  Please call to check we have beds and jobs available if you want to wait on site.