The Team

We are a Kiwi-Aussie couple who met working together in South America running overland adventure tours.  We have a family now so our days on the road and limited for a few years so we thought - why not bring the travellers to us!  After spending long periods travelling and working in some very random, unpredictable and far-flung places, not to mention dealing with the personalities on group tours, we think we've got an idea of what makes a great place to stay ... visit us and find out!

Rhys Kummerow

Rhys is probably the closest you'll get to the stereotypical 'real Aussie bloke' without getting lost in the Outback.  He's spent a lot of time driving cattle trucks round the outback, pouring his favourite Aussie beer XXXX in England on his overseas experience, driving overland tour trucks in the Middle East and then South America before coming home.  He knows about backpacking! He loves nothing better than standing round a wood fire cooking his famous Argentinian style bbq, and telling stories.

Vanessa Kummerow

Vanessa is a Kiwi whose South American holiday turned into a lifestyle job when she applied to be a tour leader  3 weeks into a holiday there, never dreaming she'd end up marrying her driver.   Vanessa has a background in tourism research and development, environmental management and tourism operations so is loving being able to put it all into practice in her own backpackers accommodation business.


Recreation manager & personal trainer. Digger loves chasing sticks and balls.  He will do it all day and doesn't take no for an answer - you will play whether you like it or not!
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