Sustainable features

We're big on enjoying nature and minimising our impact so that's reflected in how we run the ecolodge and what we expect of you to play your part.

We attained our Ecotourism Australia Nature Tourism Certification in January 2017! That means we join a range of tourism businesses around the country who are doing their bit to minimise their impact on the environment and bring travellers amazing eco-friendly experiences.  Check out their Green Travel Guide to help you plan your trip.

As well as minimising our impact on the environment, designing our backpackers accommodation using sustainable principles and technologies meant we bypassed a lot of the difficulties faced by similar developments that use conventional building and planning methods.
whats eco about us
We collect rainwater off the rooves and treat it by UV filtration for drinking and household use.  This means there is less stormwater to deal with.  We have a bore as backup for dry periods.  . 
The biggest user of water is flushing the toilet, and that's just good water down the drain, so we've gone for Clivus Multrum waterless composting toilets.  The modern version uses microbes and organisms to break down waste and literally turns it into compost that can go back into the ground. 
Greywater treatment
People generate a significant amount of 'grey water' from showers, washing machines, and taps.  This is treated on site through an Advanced Enviro-septic System which filters the water through pipes and organism-containing matting, and then filters it again through sand.  The cows will appreciate the rich green grass watered by the system though!
Electricity is the single biggest cost of running the business so we have 5.2kilowatts of solar generation installed to reduce our energy demands. All our electrical fittings are energy saving and you can do your bit too by switching off lights, and unplugging appliances as soon as they are charged.
We aim to recycle the majority of waste generated on the property:
Food scraps - feed the pigs and chickens
Glass / Plastics / Paper - recycle in marked bins
Aluminium can ring pulls - collect and donate to make wheel chairs
Aluminium cans - crush and recycle
Eco-tourism Certification
We're in the process of applying for Eco-Certification which means that our guests can be assured that our accommodation is backed by a strong, well managed commitment to sustainable practices, and provides a high quality nature-based tourism experience.
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Want to know more about Eco Destinations and travelling sustainably?  Check out the International Ecotourism Association for a great blog on Eco travel opportunities and more.